a motowing attached to motorcycle

Functional and good looking—what could be better?
Ride in comfort and style with MotoWings.

  • MotoWings protect you from the weather and wind.
  • Swing the uppers and lowers closed when it’s cool or raining and they keep you warm and dry.
  • Open the lowers to direct cooling air to your legs and to help cool the engine as it warms up.
  • The uppers can remain closed to block the wind from the riders’ body or be opened to get full airflow.
  • Promotes passenger comfort – and we know how important that is!
  • They let you ride in comfort and still look good!
  • MotoWings resist breaking and cracking. Why? They are made of extra sturdy 3/16” acrylic.

MotoWings are available two ways, as replacement panels or complete sets.

Replacement panels are for riders who already have Baker frames or attachments and want to update the look of their ride, change colors or to replace broken or cracked panels. Complete sets use our own heavy-duty MotoWings and genuine Baker mounts and hardware.

Check Out The New Dragon Wings!


MotoWings are available in clear or dark smoke, with flames for riders who want to stand out from the crowd with more visual excitement or rectangular panels for those desiring a more conservative look.

Will they fit my bike?

Check out the links on the menu to the right. If your motorcycle isn’t listed, please email us, as we are constantly working on new products. Your bike may be the model for a new product.


For cruiser and touring bikes with engine guards or crash bars, our universal kit fits many different makes and models. They can also mount to the frame tubes.

Start riding in comfort and control. Get your MotoWings today!