Tonto OverlookI’ve been a motorcycle rider for years. Air deflectors were one of the first accessories I added to my bike. They are functional, protecting from wind and cold.

When we started Motowings, one of the first things we designed were panels from thicker acrylic to make them sturdier. Then we made them aesthetically pleasing.

We laser cut our panels so trailing edge flames were a natural. Also we added laser cut designs, such as the “Eagle in Flight” and “Dragon patterns”. We have the flexibility to do most any custom work that you need. Contact us to discuss your project.

We believe that Baker products are the top rated for quality and function. So we have crafted a relationship with Baker to supply the mounts for Motowings. This allows us to fit a broad spectrum of motorcycles.

We hope that you will find our web page informative and join the many happy Motowing users!

Rik Beimfohr