Dragon Wings

Finally, an air deflector designed for Valkyrie owners by Valkyrie owners. Valkyrie owners adopted the dragon years ago as a symbol of this machines aggressive performance.

We laser engrave the dragons on extra thick 3/16’ acrylic in a shape that ventures outside the conventional rectangular form of other products. Dragon wings helps your Valkyrie stand out from the crowd and still provides all the benefits of less dramatic air deflectors.

Like all Motowings, dragons are available in both clear and dark smoke 3/16” acrylic.


Dragon wings, dark smoke for the Valkyrie I/S

If you are looking for something other than dragons, Motowings for the Valkyrie are available with trailing edge flames or the stock shaped rectangular panels.

If you already have Baker air wings installed, just order the replacement panels of your choice. Motowings will install using your existing hardware.

If you don’t yet have Baker air wings installed, order the complete set and we will provide everything that you will need to attach these to your ride.

As always, send us a photo or two of your motorcycle with Motowings installed, and we will be happy to include it in our Gallery or perhaps feature it on this page.