Just got back from Spearfish SD for Inzane 15. Thought I’d jot down a few notes and share some photos with anyone who couldn’t make the trip. Attendance was good with 340 plus people!


Ron and I left Mesa AZ at 7:00am and made Durango around 6:30p.   450 miles most of that in rain.  Weather in 50 -60’s. Great to be on the bike, seeing different things.  Went thru Lukachukai to a red rock canyon. Lovely water carved walls with caves large enough to have trees growing in their mouths.

Spearfish June 2015 1553


Up a twisty road to a sky island at 8452 feet. View was spectacular. From desert to Ponderosas.  

Spearfish June 2015 1558 Spearfish June 2015 1565

Made it to Durango that night, 11 1/2 hour day from Mesa.

Saturday rain, again. We go over the Million Dollar highway from Silverton, Ouray to Montrose. Next follows the Monarch Pass thru Denver to Westminster for the night. Ron cracked his front fender on a Denver open pit mine (pot hole). Photos of the mountains:Spearfish June 2015 1567 Spearfish June 2015 1568 Spearfish June 2015 1571 Spearfish June 2015 1574

Third day had to divert through Wyoming because of flooding.  Did like the 80 mph speed limit. Finally got to Ground Zero Hotel and what an uplifting sight to see hundreds of Valkyries parked around it! For a bike that went out of production in 2003, that’s really amazing! Bike photos from the peoples choice show:

Spearfish June 2015 1674Spearfish June 2015 1681Spearfish June 2015 1680Spearfish June 2015 1678Spearfish June 2015 1677Spearfish June 2015 1676

only two or three of the newer Valks were there.

Spearfish June 2015 1583


A very sano jade and black tourer and even an Indian with passenger!

Spearfish June 2015 1586

Spearfish June 2015 1679

Dragon themed bumble bee

Spearfish June 2015 1632 Spearfish June 2015 1630 Spearfish June 2015 1628

Thursday update. Have had sunny skies since the first of the week.  While cleaning my bike, found a hitch hiker in the rear tire. Mystery thing was about 1 1/8″ long.  Scott and Damon produced a mushroom plug kit and promptly fixed it.inzane part 2 012

Got a chance to ride to Deadwood and saw the Seth Bullock Hotel, Charley Utter store and wild Bill Hickock Saloon were he was shot. Gunfight in the street and all that good tourist stuff.

inzane part 2 006 inzane part 2 007 inzane part 2 008 inzane part 2 009 inzane part 2 011

Location where Wild Bill was shot showing mourners (?).


Yesterday we rode to the Rushmore monument. No matter how many pictures you’ve seen it is so much more impressive to see it in person

Spearfish June 2015 1644 Spearfish June 2015 1651 Spearfish June 2015 1654 Spearfish June 2015 1659  can you find Waldo?

More shots of Valks:


Spearfish June 2015 1698 Spearfish June 2015 1626


And of course the Harley:

Spearfish June 2015 1696Spearfish June 2015 1697

The road back went thru Colorado again and we hit three high mountain passes. Monarch, Skumgullion, crossed the Continental Divide and then Wolf Creek pass. Left at 8:00a, got to Durango at 7:00p. Long day, tired but happy – superb riding!

Spearfish June 2015 1711 Spearfish June 2015 1713 Spearfish June 2015 1718 Spearfish June 2015 1719

A shout out to all the folks that bought Motowings, and those who already have them, we appreciate you guys! We are busy working on them now.   Always glad to see old friends, and to make new ones.



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