MotoWings with Baker Mounts for Valkyrie Standard/Touring Models

Replacement Wings Or Full Sets With Mounting Kit

Flaming Wings
Valk with smoke wings

For those of you who yet to experience air management possibilities on your Valkyrie Standard or Tourer, we offer the full set of the genuine Baker(tm) mounting system with MotoWings by IMC. The MotoWings are made of heavy duty 3/16" clear or dark smoked acrylic for durability and are available laser cut in the dynamic Flames, Eagle in Flight, Dragon or stock rectangular patterns.

Give your ride the look of motion, even while standing still!

MotoWings allow you to close both wings to keep the engine heat on your legs when its's cool in the morning.
They also help to keep you dry in the rain or wet.

Then later in the day, when the sun warms things up, you can swing the lower panels open to scoop in cooling air to exhaust the engine heat, leaving the uppers closed to block wind flow to the rider.

Or if you are riding in really hot climates, open both panels for maximum ventilation.

Practical, functional and stylish - hard to beat that combination!

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Price: from $91.00

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