EAGLE in FLIGHT Motowings

This is the GL 1800 motowings, hand wings, air wings and trike wings and all engraved with the EAGLE in FLIGHT.

Eagle in Flight

  • MotoWings protect you from the weather and wind.
  • Swing the uppers and lowers closed when it’s cool or raining and they keep you warm and dry.
  • Open the lowers to direct cooling air to your legs and to help cool the engine as it warms up.
  • The uppers can remain closed to block the wind from the riders’ body or be opened to get full airflow.
  • Promotes passenger comfort – and we know how important that is!
  • They let you ride in comfort and still look good!
  • MotoWings resist breaking and cracking. Why? They are made of extra sturdy 3/16” acrylic.



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